Delivering identity to the billions who need it

    Element develops mobile software for biometric identity. We eliminate the need for special hardware, creating a portable identity that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

  • Through mobile biometrics, identity for everyone is now possible.

    Element's software-only solution uses the common camera on mobile devices for biometric recognition - no special hardware or connectivity required.


    Works across any mobile device, on multiple modalities



    Outperforms standard hardware on accuracy, with split-second authentication and easy enrollment


    Native security architecture, industry-leading data and code protection, with advanced anti-spoofing


    Algorithms learn directly from natural features from infants to manual workers to the elderly



    Recognition Platforms




  • Spotlight: Infant Biometrics

    With Global Good, a collaboration between Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures, Element is building the world's first infant biometrics platform one that runs offline, on any mobile device. Here's how we're working with icddr,b in Bangladesh and Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia to do it.

  • About Us

    Element develops and distributes a mobile-based, software-only platform for biometric identity. As pioneers of mobile deep learning and among the first in the field we work with partners around the world to build more efficient and inclusive societies. Our current focus is on Asia and Africa, where over 1 billion people lack proper identification. Our end-to-end biometric solutions are being used to build global immunization platforms, enable connected diagnostics, provide a digital identity resource for healthcare providers, and empower access to financial services, among others.


    Element was founded by Adam Perold and Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist at Facebook and a professor at NYU.

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